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Welcome to our Online Store!

Thank you for visiting Solar Submersible Well Pumps!  We hope you are able to find what you are looking for!

Thank you for visiting my site!!  We carry both Deep and Shallow Well Solar Submersible Pumps from Advanced Power and Grundfos SQFlex, and some great fencing material and tools such as the Clip Bender and the Sumo Wrangler fully portable gas operated post/t-post driver and also the Yard Hydrant Made Easy which eliminated the need to dig up broken or leaky yard hydrants.  We are now carrying affordable carports, garages, barns, and many other buildings with free delivery and installation.  New to the line-up a solar/AC tank deicer.  Please explore our store and if you have any questions please contact us.

The Titan skid steer front-hoe attachment reaches 7-feet deep with a single arm and hydraulic tilt bucket controlled from inside the cab. This works great for trenching and other productive digging work. 1 year Free Manufacturer warranty included. $1425.00 with Free Freight.  Email me for more details.  See video below to see it in action.  We also skid steer and tractor forks, backhoes, grapples, buckets, log splitters, tree removal, concrete breakers and much more.

Affordable Carports, Sheds, Garages, and Buildings.

Come see this 20x25x8 Aframe style garage.

For the best fencing tool without a doubt please visit my web store or   You will not be disappointed, check out the video on the video tab above to see the Clip Bender tool in action..

The Water MOOver keeps water flowing around the perimeter of your tank, preventing ice build-up and keeping water available to your livestock during harsh winter months. Circulating water is 95% cheaper than heating methods used to keep water above freezing temperatures.  A thermostatically controlled switch will turn the unit on when the air temperature drops to 35° and turn the unit off when the temperature rises above 45°. This automatic function saves on electrical drawdown of the battery and also extends the lifetime of the unit.

All models 3 models are designed to work off 12V battery supply. We recommend a deep cycle marine battery.

Solar or 110AC options are available. 

The Water Moover can also be used in a warm environment to keep water moving to prevent or minimize algae buildup.  Simple installation-

Simply hook the Water Moover on the side of the tank, positioned with the top of the pump just below the surface of the water and power it up with a fully-charged 12V battery (or solar or AC option). Water MOOver’s low power requirements allow it to run 24-60 hours* off a single charge in below-freezing weather.  Go to my web store for more information Web Store!

Welcome to Hand Well Pump Store!

We Flojak manufacture a series of easy-to-install "Narrow-Profile" deep-well pumps, engineered to install in the well alongside your existing electric pump system. All of our systems can be permanently installed for daily use, or stored and ready for loss of power. There are two basic pump styles:

  • EarthStraw is an innovative, low cost, extremely narrow system that installs in minutes because it is pre-assembled from the factory. It is lightweight and portable and ships to you in a coil. And because it is affordable and will work in almost any well anywhere...every home should have an EarthStraw. Click here to view a short video.

o   The “Code Red” quick deployment system lifts water from 150 feet

  • FloJak is an affordable, heavy duty back-up pump which produces higher water volume and is capable of pumping pressurized, running water into your home for flushing, washing and showering. It is 2" in diameter, assembles in an hour or so and is the back-up water plan for thousands of Americans.

o   The “Original” affordable PVC system lifts water up to 100 feet from static

o   The "Plus" Stainless Steel system lifts water up to 150 feet from static

If you are interested in FloJak please email me for more information

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